When Executives and Managers Become a Coach

When Executives and Managers Become a Coach

When Executives and Managers Become a Coach

  • Increase Self-Awareness by Tuning In To Others Thoughts And Feelings.
  • Establish a positive, predictable working environment.
  • Measure performance and give encouraging feedback!
  • Use positive reinforcement to coach difficult employees to do their best!
  • Participants learn the leading theories of motivation with practical techniques to evaluate, motivate, and elevate employee performance:
  • Make the can’t do, as opposed to, won’t do, distinction.
  • Prepare for a positive and constructive feedback session.
  • Provide candid and specific feedback.
  • Build on an employee’s strengths to improve performance.
  • Choose When And How To Take Action
  • Solve Problems Creatively.
  • Listen To Feedback, Incorporate Constructive Criticism
  • Understand And Respect The Opinions Of Others
  • Make Appropriate Requests Of Others
  • Set Limits, Saying “No” When Necessary
  • Increase Positive Encounters With Others
  • Decrease Hostility And Defensiveness
  • Reduce Stress And Negative Emotions

Manager as Coach / Leader as Coach:

Plus –They will learn how to:

  • Improve employee performance and well-being by creating an environment that promotes learning and development
  • Enable employees to build upon their strengths and improve areas of weakness
  • Address performance issues in a manner that gets employees back on track – fast
  • Build trusting and constructive relationships
  • Provide meaningful motivation – understand which motivational strategies work, which don’t and why
  • Build the competency level of a workforce in alignment with organizational goals
  • Bring others inline with company Vision and Mission Statements
  • Identify organizational policies, practices, and cultural factors that support successful coaching initiatives
  • How to tie your coaching to your organization’s strategic objectives
  • Obtain a wealth of tools and sample documents to organize, launch, support, and sustain a proven coaching framework
  • How to utilize a scorecard of measures for evaluating your coaching’s effectiveness and growth
  • How to leverage critical enablers — and avoid critical derailers — of effective coaching

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