The Definitive Goals Program Workbook 17

The Definitive Goals Program Workbook

Success is NOT an Accident.

Neither is Failure.

Both are the result of daily actions taken or NOT taken.

What does YOUR future hold for you?

Do YOU know?

Everyone is working towards GOALS, they are either working to fulfill their own goals.

Or they are working to fulfill someone else’s goals.

If you are working to fulfill someone else’s goals, what do you think they have planned for you and your life?

To use the immortal words of Jim Rohn, “what do other people have planned for YOU?  NOT MUCH!”

Seriously though, if you don’t care enough about your life to have a plan for it, do you seriously think someone else is going to have a great plan for you?

We can either look towards the future with anticipation or apprehension.

How do you view YOUR Future?

If you want 2021 to be better than 2020, then it’s up to YOU to make it different.

With that in mind, I have, after months of work, put together The Definitive Goals Program.

70 plus pages of thought-provoking questions covering virtually every area of your life.

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