Goal Setting Workshop

Why have GOALS?

Top-level athletes, successful business-people & achievers in all fields all set goals.

Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation.

It focuses your acquisition of knowledge and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the very most of your life.

Everyone is working towards GOALS, you are either working to achieve your goals or are working to help someone else achieve theirs.

Setting meaningful goals should bring:

You A Clearer Focus & It Adds Clarity to Decision Making

Knowing what you are trying to do means that you can now ask: “does this activity get me closer to my goal?”

Properly thought out and stated, goals clearly set out your intentions and desires; the things you really want to achieve.

You Are Able To Optimise Resources More Effectively

There are never enough resources to do everything so setting goals can help you to prioritise.

Place your resources behind what you really want to do, rather than on things you are doing by default or by deflection.

Make Better & More Effective Use of Time

By setting goals, you will be able to manage your time to your maximum benefit.

You will have a clear idea of what you have to achieve in a particular frame of time.

Thus, you can channel all your energy and concentration towards achieving it.

Of course time is a resource, but it deserves special consideration because it is so important.

As Peter Drucker says: “If you want to improve how you manage time – stop doing what doesn’t need to be done!”

You Gain Peace of Mind

Too often you can have many things on your mind.

Writing down your goals can help you take all of those ideas, apply perspective and priority, then galvanize you into commitment and action

You Have An Easier Measurement of What You Do

Setting goals, especially SMART and SHARP goals, allows you to measure how well effectively you are moving towards achieving them

More Freedom of Thought

Setting goals can help to release your creative energies so you can focus on how to achieve them. You’ll start to look for ways to make it happen.

Easier Communication with Others

Setting goals enables you to clarify with other people what you are trying to do, and therefore what they need to do to contribute or support.

They Help In Limiting Stress

A clear goal and a worthwhile game plan can make your existence more organized.

By having a clear goal in your mind, you will be well aware of your priorities and with an effective time management strategy, you will be able to achieve your goals with little exertion.

Goals can help reduce stress.

Without goals to guide you, you may develop a tendency to jump from one project or task to another instead of focusing on the most important needs of your business.

As a result, you may come to realize that your overall production is suffering and you’ll be wondering what you’re actually accomplishing, creating a sense of worry.

Helps You Stay Focused

All of us yearn to scale great heights in life, but how many of us truly end up doing that?

Assists In Overcoming Procrastination

Goal setting also helps you overcome procrastination.

The habit of procrastination is one of the biggest frailties of human nature, which severely jeopardizes the chances of one’s advancements.

Measures Your Progress

Goal setting works as a measuring gauge of your progress that enables you to evaluate your advancements from time to time.

You will have a clear idea on what you have been able to achieve so far, what you lack or how can you improve yourself.


Motivation is an important ingredient that steps up one’s prospect of achieving one’s personal milestones.

What’s Included in this Workshop / Workbook:


1: Unlocking Your True Potential

2: Take Charge of Your Life

3: Creating Your Future and Clarifying Your Values

4: Deciding Your True Goals and Your Major Definite Purpose

5: Analyzing Your Beliefs and Getting Started

6: Measuring Your Progress and Removing the Roadblocks

7: Becoming an Expert and Getting with the Right People

8: Making a Plan of Action and Managing Your Time Well

9: Your Goals — Review Regularly and Visualize Continually

10: Activating Your Super-conscious Mind and Remaining Flexible

11: Unlocking Your Creativity and Moving Forward Every Day

12: Persist Until You Succeed and Take Action Today

13: Wheel Of Life

What will you get out of this?

A clearer sense of direction in life, the satisfaction of knowing where you are heading as opposed to being at the mercy of every little thing that comes along.

If living the life of your DREAMS sounds like something you’d like to do.

Join us on every morning at 9am GST between Sunday 3rd Jan and Thursday 7th Jan, (inclusive), to take your life to the next level and finally get on the path to Personal & Family Success.

The usual cost of this time with Mike is US $500/- per hour.

However, for those of you who have been directed here, the investment is only $27/-

Why $27/- only? 

I want to reach and change the lives of as many people as possible.