Entrepreneur Attribute Adaptability

Entrepreneur Attribute Adaptability

Attribute: Adaptability

What is it?

Adaptability is the willingness and ability to change and improve in order to meet the needs of different industry swings, market circumstances, and dynamic business needs.

Adaptability allows the entrepreneur to remain pliable and composed throughout unpredictable situations and market anomalies, while becoming stronger through the necessitated and improvisational change.

Why is it important?

There are two components of adaptability, which make being adaptable an essential item in an entrepreneur’s repertoire of attributes.

The first is an entrepreneur’s willingness to change and be flexible as circumstances demand.

This is critical to life in general, but most pertinent to business as both are dynamic and have an essence of unpredictability and chaos.

The simple fact is that life and business are nebulous corridors where planning and thoughtful preparation may not equip you for every situation that may occur.

Different market factors, such as stock market fluctuations, inflation, or current events may influence a strategy, causing a sudden 180-degree change in direction.

The second component is an entrepreneur’s uncanny propensity to improve and excel in opportunities for adaptation-becoming stronger through change.

Entrepreneurs view change and thinking on their feet as an opportunity for reward rather than risk or hazard.

The simple fact is that life and business rarely go according to plan and require both a tolerance for uncertainty and confidence in dealing with it.

Entrepreneurs may run into numerous dilemmas ranging from technology problems during a critical presentation with investors to something simple like not having a business card to hand out.

There may be several areas that require a tolerance for uncertainty and a steadfast approach to being adaptable, especially in the beginning stages of a business.

Entrepreneurs may be required to endure financial insecurity while raising capital, remain flexible to meet other’s schedules and calendars, and prepare multiple presentations depending upon different unknown variables, such as room size, resources, audience, etc.

How do you obtain it?

Sometimes being able to adapt isn’t solely mitigated by the ability to think on your feet; in most cases, thoughtful preparation is the genesis to successfully adapting to different environments and situational needs.

Prepare, rehearse, and know your material inside and out.

This will provide you with a great start to being flexible.

Make it a point to be willing to change.

Be open to new ideas and unplanned activities.

Very little in life is fixed, and entrepreneurs must be willing to be flexible.

How do you further develop it?

To develop this trait one may try thinking through different scenarios: worst case, most-likely case, and best case.

This simple preparation method allows you to be ready for different situations, even though it may not cover everything.

Visualization is a great way to prepare without the pressure of being forced to think on your feet.

Try visualizing a presentation without all of your notes and cheat sheets.

It may surprise you with how well you do.

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