Coaching Readiness Scale

Coaching Readiness Scale

 Please provide your responses to the following statements: 1 (disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) scale

  1. l believe l am capable of having a life and career l truly desire.                                  ____
  2. l am open to doing things in new and different ways to be successful.                      ____
  3. l am known for my courage, loyalty, integrity, and work ethic.                                  ____
  4. l am an optimistic person.                                                                                                      ____
  5. l am completely accountable for the results l produce.                                                    ____
  6. l have a dear view of where l am and where l want to go in life.                                  ____
  7. I work well with others.                                                                                                          ____
  8. Creating and sustaining relationships builds strength.                                                  ____
  9. l live my life true to my values.                                                                                             ____
  10. l am a willing to take the lead on issues that are important to me.                             ____
  11. l know l have unrealized potential.                                                                                      ____
  12. l am able to work outside my comfort zone.                                                                      ____
  13. l have people in my life committed to my success.                                                           ____
  14. I want a very high quality of life.                                                                                        ____
  15. Producing quantifiable results is very important to me.                                               ____
  16. l am a person that you can rely on.                                                                                    ____
  17. Money is not the highest priority in my life.                                                                    ____
  18. l am strongly committed to my personal development.                                                ____
  19. l am able to bounce back from setbacks.                                                                           ____
  20. l am open to and welcome the contributions of others.                                                 ____

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Do you qualify to be coached?

What Does My Score Mean?

Below are some general indicators of “readiness” for coaching.

20 – 50: This may not be the best time to engage a coaching relationship.

51 – 65: This may be a good time for you to engage in a coaching relationship, yet it will be important to define ground rules and strive to honor them.

66 – 80: This score suggest that you are ready for coaching to support goal attainment.

81 – 100: This score suggest that you are “very coachable” – take full advantage of this potential by asking your coach to set the “bar high”.

Remember, this is not a test! It is just one piece of data, a tool to help you think about your readiness for change.

More important than the score, are the insights gained from both your experience of completing this activity and the conversation you have with your coach regarding the decision to work together!

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